I want to be her.

Is that so hard to understand?

I want to know what it would be like to be her.

She has a roaring personality. She's fun, extroverted, outgoing, smart and loves life. New challenges don't scare her. She just wants to have fun.

I want to be her.

She's skinny. Perfect abs, long legs, toned arms, not an ounce of fat. She can wear elegant dresses or comfy t-shirts and shorts. She's comfortable in her own skin. She's confident.

I want to be her.

She's beautiful. Her hair wraps around her sculpted face. She doesn't need the make-up, yet it makes her even more beautiful when she does wear it. Her eyes glisten while speaking to those she loves. Her nose is tiny. Her skin is clear. She's beautiful.

I want to be her.

To the naked eye, she has no imperfection. She was created to be beautiful. Her purpose is beauty. We see it...but does she?

What does she see when she looks in the mirror? Is it the same as me? Does she see how beautiful she is? Or does she just see me?

Is she afraid of others' perception of her, so she acts like she has no care in the world? Does she just want to be accepted?

Does she get all the boys like we think she does? How many friends does she have? Do people talk behind her back? Is she at all normal? Like me?

Do people treat her differently because of the way she looks? Do they expect her to be dumb - like the stereotypical pretty girl - or do they think too much of her? Want too much? Expect too much?

What goes through her mind? Is she happy? Does she love her life? How would I know...I've never been the pretty girl. But I still wonder...

How many times does the beautiful, perfect girl whisper, "I want to be her." ?