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Hello! I've just recently become pretty active on We Heart It, and I love it! I finally feel like I'm able to share my thoughts and opinions and express myself freely without being judged! So, I just wanted to make this article to introduce myself, share some facts, and let you know what kinds of articles I'll be posting.

I’m a very random person, and I love a lot of things so you can expect to see posts about anything, including lists, recipes, guides, tips, random thoughts, movie/book/music reviews, and more! To start things off, I’ve put together some random fun facts about myself so you know who the face behind the posts is! Enjoy!

To begin with, my name is Destiny. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee in the United States of America. I am 16 years old and a Junior in high school.

I have a few good friends, but for the most part, I am socially awkward and introverted which makes it hard to talk to people. Most of the people I go to school with already have their own friend groups or aren’t interested in anything I like.

I’m a fan of many, many things. I love Marvel, horror movies, Disney, a wide variety of music, several TV shows, and I really enjoy the holidays and, of course, food. 😉

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When I have free time, I like to draw and paint, and I’ve been teaching myself how to play the piano. I’m also one of the many people that spend a lot of time watching TV shows and movies on Netflix.

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The main reason I decided to start posting articles was that I wanted a way to express my opinions and thoughts fully, without feeling judged or embarrassed. Social media is an outlet for many people, so I hope it can be for me, too. So, if there’s anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy my posts, and if you find that we have anything in common, feel free to send me a message and let me know! I would love to talk with you! Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely day!