I speak Spanish and it's possible that I am wrong in some words so don't hate me.

Hi guys! Today i'm going to talk about how to be a great student, i am a great student and it's wonderful 'cause everything is perfect, but it takes a lot of effort and dedication.

Do you want to impress your teacher? Maybe you just want to make the most of your school year. Whatever your reason for being the best student in your class, there are a couple of different ways you can continue to improve. Being a great student is more than passing grade, it is also being a good person and show your teacher that you take your class seriously.

1. Prepare your brain and your body to learn. You will learn better and you will do well in your school if your body is ready to learn! There are many things you can do to prepare your body. Try:

-Sleep as needed. You will need the right amount of sleep for your body if you want your brain to function 100%. You should feel alert most of the day. If you realize that you need to close your eyes at lunch, you are not getting enough sleep. For most people, 8 hours of sleep is enough.

-Your body can not function well if all you eat is junk food, like potato chips, sweets and hamburgers. If you want to be the best student, eat your vegetables (like broccoli), some lean fruits and proteins (like chicken and fish).

-Drink a lot of water. Your brain needs water to function well. In fact, your whole body needs water to function well. Drink several glasses of water a day, but keep in mind that some people need more water than others. If your urine is dark in color, you need more water.

2. Pay attention. The best thing you can do to improve your grades and learn a lot is to pay attention when your teacher is talking. If you become distracted, you will lose important information and it will be harder for you to understand what you are listening to or you will have difficulty studying later.

-If you have trouble maintaining concentration when your teacher is talking, try to sit in the front and participate more in the class. Raise your hand and ask questions when you do not understand something or when your teacher says something interesting and you want to know more about it.

3. Learn to take notes. Taking notes can be a difficult skill to learn (at least to get it right), but it will help you a lot so you can learn and study, which means your overall grades and test scores will improve. Just remember, you do not have to write down everything your teacher says, you just have to write the most important things and the things that you know will be hard for you to remember.

4. Do your homework on time and well. Even if you do not have very good grades in your task, simply doing it on time will help you keep your overall grades as high as possible. Beyond that, do your best to do your homework well. Probably your teacher will be able to assign you a tutor or even help you.

-Schedule enough time to actually finish your homework. This means watching less television or spending less time with your friends, but it will be worth it in the end.

-Being in a good environment to do your homework will really help you finish it faster. Go to a quiet place where you do not have any distractions. If you can go to a library, great! If you can not leave the house and the people you live with are noisy, try in your bathroom.

5. Study in advance. One of the most effective ways to get the best test scores is to start studying and getting ready as soon as possible. Definitely do not postpone it until the night before. The harder the test, the sooner you need to start studying. Two or three weeks is usually a good starting point.