- here i provide you disney artists that are actually good!

i. sabrina carpenter - she is an amazing singer, actress, dancer, and everything else you could possibly think of! you should totally check her out. from her first album, i recommend the middle of starting over, right now, and white flag. from evolution, i recommend thumbs, shadows, mirage, run and hide, and feels like loneliness.

ii. sofia carson - she has a beautiful voice, and can definitely make it big. you should check out her songs though i believe she only has two - that are not in descendants and her movies she's starred in. i prefer back to beautiful over love is the name though, so check that out!

iii. bridget mendler - i love her music so much! from her first album, i recommend blonde, postcard, and all i see is gold, though i love all of her music dearly! from her newer music, i recommend atlantis.

iv. laura marano - she's known for austin and ally, a show based on a music star and his song writer, who later becomes a singer as well! this makes sense since she's a super, duper talented singer! i recommend boombox.

v. jordan fisher - he's known for his role in liv and maddie, also a singer - he has outstanding vocals and amazes me. check out all of his music! he's definitely worth it.