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Day 3

Describe your relationship with your parents.

My relationship with my parents is very strong, I cant live without them. they are parents of four girls from 6-14 they do great jobs with all of us they care about us equally and help us in any questions we have they would answer it truthfully. and they try to give us the things we need without spoiling us and I love them (cheesy).

I think I need to explain each one alone so yeah.


I feel like mom is a friend to me she gets me mostly and understand what I am going through and what I am feeling because she went through the things I went through as a girl sd she is a very sweet mother not like all other mothers I know which make me love her even know that treats us amazing compared to other mothers.


Dad is a different thing he is a brother and a father because I don't have brothers just sisters. Dad is an amazing person before 3 years I wouldn't answer loudly but from the inside I knew it was mom because dad didn't spend much time with us because of work, but if you ask me now I couldn't answer that not from the inside or the outside dad is my support and the person I can rely on if I need anything.

My parents are amazing that bought such beauties (me and then me sisters) to life and taught everything they know
I love you, mom and dad.

See you tomorrow.