You said you were there for me, I believed you. I thought you was genuinely there for me... I thought that maybe you was going to be good and not crap like everybody else. but clearly I was wrong. I loved you, you were my best friend until you fucked it all up. You told me you was there for me every day, you still do. I needed you one time and you just had a go at me and made me feel like shit instead of helping, you made me feel unnecessary and irrelevant. it was like I was about to fall and instead of preventing it you tripped me over, then just fucked off with your other friends, the ones you deem good enough. when ever I mention it you just roll your eyes and act like you never did anything. You put me in a position where I had to argue and got pissed off when I did... no matter what I do I never seem good enough for you. you lied to me until I got to the point where I couldn't open up to anyone and then you lied to me some more. you still do lie to me; you still lie when you say you're always there for me.

-g <3