I feel empty.
I feel like nothing. I feel like when you're hungry and you eat and eat and eat but your still not full but your food tastes like nothing and you wonder why you're eating food that tastes like nothing and isn't going to fill you. then after awhile you feel bad about eating so much ,I haven't reached the bad feeling; not of eating but of life; yet and I know when I do it will be bad and I'll probably lash out and make all my friends hate me. so then I get anxious. once I'm done being anxious I go back to feeling empty and not knowing how I feel, I'm just trapped in this circle. its like I'm doing all I can to get out of the circle but I cant; something keeps dragging me back in when I finally think that I'm free, and to stop it I need to catch it; but to catch it I need to know what, it, is. when ever I open up to any one I'm ignored or get a lousy, half faced 'I'm here for you.' If people where genuinely there for me I wouldn't be In the state I'm currently in. but that's another article that I will write. I don't have anything else to say now so good bye I guess?

-g <3