They are beautiful, have a special shine like many others, but each garden has unique flowers. Mine only has roses.

In my garden you can lose in big bushes of them. They are red passion, passion blood, and when they are at the touch of the sun their petals are the bold red flame. I take care of them, I caress them and I love them.

I name them for what they are: some are called Agleria, Ditza and Preeti the most romantic are called Juliet, Amy and Briza; a few are quite ill-favored like Lilomea, Tarsa and Naule; Some are depressive and beautiful, these are Magdalena, Azul and Marylee; others fear a lot but I call them like the twins of Ares, Deimos and Phobos. Finally, there is one that I keep very distant to the rest, but I keep it with the same love, Chaos, was born of fire and has a few small black spots. I would name them all but they are a million, even so I want them as they are.

Sometimes I wonder why they have so many thorns and how they have grown so high, but above all because they look so much like me, I never hated it. So I went to other fences to see how similar the flowers were to their owners, and I learned that no one planted roses. It was when I told myself that the roses had been forgotten by their dark sides, when their aroma made you dream and when their beauty was life.

No one has ever approached my rose garden and if you ever want to come and spend time be careful not to harm them.

P.S: Don't touch them either, they are poisonous.

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