When you're journaling,
calligraphy is important (if you want it to be),
Try using different fonts. I like to try to pair them with certain feelings, like using cursive for happiness, or love. Block letters or big writing for anger, or excitement.
It can be inspiring, or sad, or angry, or whatever you want. That's the beauty of this, it can convey so much more than the words themselves.

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After all, writing is a form of art, in more ways than one.

Change things up by writing with marker, or pen, pencil, or even paint, just whatever you feel like, or whatever is your style.

Even doing things like writing over other words or pictures, can be significant. It creates a layered affect and looks cool.
Try writing so tiny you can barely read it. Or writing things Boldy like they’re screaming to be read off the page.

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Mistakes are ok this way. Invited even. Scribble things out on purpose, cross things out. Write over them. Draw over them. Write in a different language. Do anything.
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It's all about trying to get the message across not just by using meaning of the words themselves, but how they seem when they’re presented.