After I wrote my first article, I thought "Should I do it again?" So, I think I will take this a little bit more serious, because, writting is beautiful, and I think everyone should do it, but let's not get out the way.
First of all I should present myself, well, hello everyone, I'm Paulina, 16 years Guatemalan girl, I consider myself a daydreamer and sometimes a night thinker (because most of the time, I fell asleep, so, just sometimes). I think we all deserve opportunities (no matter your gender, your sexual orientation, your age, your country, your beliefs, your size, your skin) because nobody is more than anyone nor less; your roots do not define you, because you are you and no one can change that. I consider myself a perseverant person, I do not give up so easily,
I aspire to become a Fashion Designer, and study and Parsons, New York someday.
I love to do braids, when I was little I could not even make the basic braid and now I can make a Dutch Fishtail Braid, that makes me believe that if you work hard you can reach your goals. I love dancing, but I have only dance in a studio for two years, Ballet and Contemporary, now I do not practice anymore, but I keep thinking that it is the best art in the world, you can show your feelings without using words and I think that's the best thing about dancing.

My favorite animal is the dog, and I think is the best existing creature in this world because it´s full of love (figurativly and literally).
I have two Philosophies in life:
1. You'll be happy and wholesome again
2. She was afraid of heights, but she was more afraid of never flying.
(In another article I will explain why I chose these two)
I think I have extended myself I little bit, but I thought that if I wanted to start this I wanted you to get to know me a little bit more...