Hello everybody!

I wanted to start writing some short story's because I love writing and I thought this was a good opportunity to write some on weheartit.
This is my first one so I hope you'll enjoy it. Let's begin:

Hey, my name is Sara. I'm a senior at highschool and 17 years old... I wish I still was a child but no, kids do grow up, I wish I lived in Neverland!
People describe me as an over active but kind person who has a good life. A few months ago, I agreed that this little story about me was true, but that was a few months ago, before my life began to be a total mess!

I have a boyfriend for 2 years now and that's a long time for someone who's 17 years old!!! He is 18 and loves to play video games, we don't have that much in common, I'm more the "Disney princess" who loves to sing and act all day!!!
I love my boyfriend to the moon and back but a few months ago, a problem began to evolve.

There's this boy in my class who's really sweet and he just likes the same things as I do!!! We have litterally EVERYTHING in common and now, he's my best friend. (actually I may NOT talk or look at boys, that's what my boyfriend tells me, I just may not do it or else he will go crazy.) But a few months ago I thought: 'what could go wrong?'

Well, something "wrong" did happen! The boy from my class and me have SO much in common that I started to think that he would be a better boyfriend for me IF I didn't had one (but I do). And because I've had these thoughts so much, I began to fall in love for this boy... He just understands me, is sweet, has the same humor as me and he can sing and act too!

My boyfriend can be an asshole sometimes so I started to have feelings for both!!!

Gosh, I'm 2 years together with my boyfriend and I just don't know what to do!!! I don't wanna loose both!

This was the first part of my short story... it's bad, I know, I just wrote it real quick and I'm really tired atm....
But I have a question for you guys!!!!: Can you send me a postcard with an answer for sara and what's best for her??? I would like to know xD

xx m.yrt.h.e