They ask, "Why do you like roses so much?"

Well, each rose is unique. Even if every lover handed me a rose they would all be different. The differences resemble who we are as people. They represent how so many different things can make us happy. Roses have always been a symbol for love, but they truly show how we all grow from the same bush and become something new and exciting. There are many colors and styles, but they belong to the same plant. The colors show truths only known by the flower itself. Whether you're a wallflower or a tall and bright flower, you can still be a rose like everyone else.

So, why do I like roses so much?
The pure perfection of a rose is something created by nature.
The gentle touch and fragile body is something we only see inside ourselves.
The everlasting nature of a perfect rose can make anyone tingle in a way only lover can.

I am a quiet red rose. I am a rose that is proud and knows what she wants. I am a rose.
Maybe you should look inside yourself...
What kind of rose are you?