Hey again!

This one will be a short one, but a helpful one. At least I hope so.

This day has been a boring one. It's all on me. I didn't try enough to fulfill it and make it interesting, cause all I had was free time. Then it hit me- I could write this as a reminder for you and myself.

Some tips on how to make our days interesting and take care of our bodies at the same time:

When you wake up, stretch! I know you don't feel like it, but it can help you wake up faster.

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Drink a lot of water! Also something we don't like to hear, but you get used to it. Just be persistent at the beginning.

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(This goes for the water, you guys! lol )

Watch a movie or a TV show you haven't watched before. Sometimes this motivates us to do a workout or any other activity.

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Listen to the music you like and relax in your bed/ in a hot tub with a mask on your face! Now this is what you should always do when you have free time- nothing relaxes you like this.

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Talk to your family or your friends! Don't isolate yourself unless you really don't feel like talking. Communication is something we should all work on more.

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Read! Even if it's something short, at least it will get you away from your phone for a little while and you will feel like you accomplished something.

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Make someone happy! Your parents, your sibling, a friend, a partner, a neighbor... Anyone. Give them a small gift, or draw something or just write something on a paper and give it to them with a chocolate bar. A smile is guaranteed and that's all you need.

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Take a walk. Alone or with someone. As long as you are relaxed and enjoying the time outside. Preferably without your phone ;) .

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That's all I got for now. But what do I know. I just wasted my day and it hit me just now, when the day is almost over. Hope I'll do better tomorrow.

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