Gooood morning little cuties, so today has been awesome! I hope 4 you too and if not then just give me a BIIIGGG SMILE!!!!
So this article is about Forgetting someone who broke your heart ( also if you have to see the person everyday in school or anywhere else.)
Let's gooooo

Step 1: If he looks at you in class or somewhere then DON'T look back! If you really wanna forget him then don't let him make you hopeing that he'll be coming back to you because this is exactly what he wants!

Step 2: When he and his friends are talking about some girls he's texting with then you have the proof that he isn't the right one 4 you. Because if you'd be the only one 4 him then he would be fighting to get you back and WOULD NOT text with some other girls! Even if he loves you then where is the 100% proof that he won't break up with you and do exactly the same again?

Step 3: If he is the typical "Bad Boy" or just a dumb boy and offends you then you you know how much his ego is bleeding or the fact that he really likes you but is scared about telling you. In both cases is he probably just not adult enough to talk about his feelings. That's what you're gonna do: Either you just ignore him and go and search you big love in the world which he is defenitly not or you go to him and ask him what the fuck is wrong with him to treat you like this. And if he is just saying shit and not a normaly answer then flip your hair back and gooo

So Ladies (and maybe gentlemen idk )
this was my first article i hope you aaaalll enjoyed it and please NEVER forget: YOU DON'T NEED A PERSON WHO IS IGNORES,OFFENDS or does other STUPID STUFF !! You are PERFET exactly the way you are<3

Have a great day and believe in yourself
- Hanna