(i have a fever sorry if it is bad)

Jin was trying to rap when he heard laughter from his friends. He turned to them and blew them a kiss. They could't stop laughing as he then started dancing. He didn't care, he was happy and enjoying himself.
He sees his friends mocking him and soon he felt something in his heart. He slowly stopped and walked out of the room. He sat down in the hallway and looked down. He breathed in slowly and got up. He walked out and took a stroll. He walked down the street and made his way to a cafe, sitting against the wall.
A cup was put infront of him, making him look up. "You okay?" He sighs and smiled at Y/N, nodding. She gives him a look as she sits down across from him.
"What is actually wrong?"

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"You saw through me."

She smiles as she sips her tea. He tells her about how the group is going on and on mocking him, how he is not the favorite.
She would sit and listen never once interrupting. Finally after what he said, she put her cup down and looked at him. "Want to go get food?" He gave her a smile as they got up leaving the cafe. She led him down the street. "You know, when i was a child, my mother ran away.""Why?" "She was the favorite child of her family, and they could't bare the idea of her raising a child of an artist. She was suppose to marry a lawyer." "Really?"

"Yeah, when she told then she was pregnant, they kicked her out, trying not to accept that the most favorite child made a mistake.""They offered her a way out and she accepted it leaving me and my father. He raised me the best he could, then i moved to the island. Where he was born and grew up. " "Do you miss her?" She looked ahead, a distant look on her face."I do. But then i don't. I guess what i am trying to say is, if you trust someone you tell them something about yourself. You trust the boys right?" "Yeah." "Then tell them how you feel. Here we are." They walked into a small shop and got a table ordering food.

after spending the afternoon together, they walked back to the house. Outside waiting was JHope and Namjoon. He turned to Y/N and gave her a hug. She waved bye and started to head home. JHope looked at him and he just gave him a stare and Jin just turned away. "JIN! We need to talk!"

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He turned around and said, "Later."

(i have a fever sorry if it is bad)
He was the leader and the one who cared for BTS, he cared for them all equally and soon enough when he saw the youngest one and the one of the oldest punching eachother he knew something was up. THe rest of the guys and him pulled them apart. "WHAT IS GOING ON?" "HE KISSED HER!", yelled Suga. "Kissed who?" "Y/N!" He froze and looked at Jungkook. "What? Really?" "HE KISSED HER TOO! DIDN'T THINK I WOULD FIND OUT?" okay what the hell is going on?

------4 hours earlier.--------
Y/N was painting on the floor