All people have only one life and that suck, because when you once do something wrong, what you can not take back, that was then. You can do nothing in that point

"I'm ugly, I just wanna die, I have nothing, no friends, no boyfriend, no friend who could listen my sorrows or who's shoulder against I could cry, I have nothing

I think that all people are going trough in some point in their life those thought. You think that you wanna die and you have no life, you just sit alone in home without any friends, because all your friends are in some where whit someone.

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You write some letter to your family or your best friend, In those letter you said to your family that they just need to carry on and that they don't need to worry or cry about you. .

"Don't cry mum and dad, it was not your fault, I just realize that I have only fake friends and now when I'm in the heaven I have all right. In heaven I still hear you and see you, I just wanna see your smile once before you forget me. Just be happy and move on!!"

But what if we had a second life? What if you could come back and live a another life so that you make your dreams come true?
In the second life you don't do the same mistakes again, you just travel around the world or you find the most wonderful and your last missing piece in your heart. How amazing opportunity it would be!!

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Now when we don't have the second chance, you just must live your life, so that every day would be your last day here in the earth, and live in the moment not in the past or in the future, just in the moment. Go and get comfortable with your self and love your self as who you are, find your missing pieces and make your dream come true.

- Lisa