I like the way I feel when he looks at me.
I don't know if he winks at me or his eye just twitches, but when he does...my entire world flip.
i like it when he looks into my eyes, an echo of hope sparks.
I like how tall he is.
I like how he craves attention.
I like how caring he can be, and how sometimes im invisible to him.
I like his eyes, his colorful greenish brown eyes and how they sparkle when the sun rays embrace them.
how his eyes are mixed of emotions.
I like it how sometimes cocky he can be, and how he likes it when he makes me uncomfortable and shy around him.
I like it when he smirks, and his voice gets high when he's telling a story.
I like it how he can be deep sometimes, and other times just fooling around.
I like it when he takes my advice, and mocks how I talk.

I just like the way he talks... the way he stares... the way he's always smiling... the way he laughs...the way he smirks.. the way he held me when I fell. I just like him

but I hate it when...

hope you liked it!! there is a second part coming soon called "I hate it" so heart it for moreeee