yes life sucks sometimes but you can’t hold onto that forever. you have to stay alive for the good times. the times where you’re at a party and you sit and have deep talks with a girl you just met and share a piece of your heart with each other because sometimes opening up to a newfound friend is the best way to heal. stay alive for the times where you’re with your friends and laughing so hard that you tear up and your stomach gets tight. for the times where you’re so happy that all you can feel is sunshine pooling from your smile. for the times where things just feel so right and content. for the little things, like hot baths and coffee and autumn and going on adventures with your friends and driving with the window down, not caring how messy your hair gets or how silly you look jamming out. live unapologetically because life is too short to apologize for living. you have a right to claim this life and take it by the horns because you are not a slave to the world- the world is a slave to you. you have the power to rise above the struggles and shine amid the darkness. so do it. stop letting the dark consume you, and consume the darkness with your light. things will get better only if you keep on pushing and keep on trying to reclaim your life and make it your own. you will be okay. you’ve got this.