I am so nervous as the time passes. In a few days I will start to go to college. I am moving in another city with my friends and I do not know what to expect. In my country, the student dorm is very messy and you have a lot of roommates in you first year.

Preparing mentally

I have prepared for the worst scenarios like bad roommates or stealing problems. I think I got to a point where I do not care anymore what will happen.

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Even if a bad thing happens, I will confront it then, no need to over think it now. I will take it as life experience.

Buying new things

Of course I needed some new bedsheets and pillows and some good basic clothes that can help me make an outfit in the morning.

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I wish my dorm room could look like that.

Doing all the things that I cannot do during school

Well, I can do them, but I would feel guilty after. So, the summer periods are the perfect time to read novels, watch movies, tv series,draw,write etc without guilt. I will miss that.

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I think this is the most important thing. To find motivation to study and prepare for your future.

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I hope all of you who are starting college soon will have a great experience. Keep the positive vibe and do not stress to much. It is said that these are the best years of your life.