"O'zapft is" It's Oktoberfest time again! 🍻

The 184th Oktoberfest is held from 16/09/2017 to 03/10/2017

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Oktoberfest was taking place the first time in 1810 as a celebration for the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (King Ludwig I.) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October, 12th. This year, 2017, the 184th Oktoberfest is held. In 2016, 5.6 million people visited the Oktoberfest and 6.1 million liters of beer were consumed.
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The Dirndl is a traditional dress from Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol. During Oktoberfest a lot of girls and women wear them, including tourists. You see them everywhere you look and I always love just looking around and seeing all the different Dirndl styles and colors.
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Of course don't forget about the beer that is served in one-liter mugs. One beer costs you nearly 11€ (in 2017) so bring enough money if you plan on drinking more than one.
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The gingerbread hearts are a typical thing for Oktoberfest and maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend will buy you one with a cute or funny writing on it.
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Oktoberfest is more than just a beer festival. It offers a lot of fun rides, roller coasters, a ferris wheel, caroussels and more.
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If you're interested in football you might get lucky and meet or at least see some of the Bayern Munich players. The team goes to Oktoberfest every year. You might also meet other German celebrities (actors, singers, reality tv stars..) there if you're lucky enough and are at the right place in the right time. Some international celebrities have also attended the Oktoberfest already.
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Thank you for reading and if you go to Oktoberfest this year or some other year, I hope you have a great time there