There are so many famous people that are surrounded by rumors and have certain image but just by fans known a beautiful souls they are. So I made a list with explanations why you should check them and their work out.


Harry Styles
Yeah... I know almost everyone knows who he is, but do they really? Harry is mainly known as a perfect boy, womanizer and ex boy band member. But he really is a pure boy who loves knock knock jokes and supports equality and love. Harry often breaks gender roles by wearing women clothes, nail polish, lipstick. He loves his fans dearly. His music is something very different these days, very old rock...all in all he is amazing inside and out.

Selena Gomez
Now I know, everybody says she can't sing nor act and she's only good at instagram modeling. But that's really not true. As a human she is very much an angel. Selena did tons of charity work, worked with unicef, there's so much she did and didn't take credit for. Selena is very kind, down to earth and she loves her fans so much and shows it every day. As an artist Gomez has a soft, calming voice, she can hit high notes it's just her voice isn't powerful but that doesn't make her voice any less beautiful and she is a good actress just check her work out.

Camila Cabello
Often people call her the annoying one, snake, just because she left fifth harmony to pursue her career. But actually Camila as a person isn't annoying at all. Her voice is beautiful, just listen to her songs and she isn't really a snake just because she didn't like being in a girl group, she auditioned (x factor) to be a solo artist from the start. Camila is very goofy and sweet girl, she loves communicating with her fans on and off social media very much and if you watch her interviews she is really down to earth. Also she was and still is a huge fangirl so I'm guessing she understands fan life and that makes everything even better.

Little mix
now they are underrated queens is all I'm saying...Little mix are a girl group consisted of four members: Jade, Leigh-Anne, Jesy and Perrie. The are a british girl group so they're mainly known in Europe. Little mix are amazing singers, harmonys on point and they can beatbox and rap too. Their friendship is what makes them really special, they have a really strong bond from the very start and they can't imagine doing anything they do alone.
Now Little mix is a very women power girl group, but they also support lgbtq community. Their music is really good and you should totally check them out.

Also some singers that I really like but there are just to many of them to write paragraphs about: Shawn Mendes, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Imagine dragons, OneRepublic, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Jacob Whitesides, Frank Sinatra, Mumford & Sons and many more...

Logan Lerman
He is not wildly know actor but his works are: Percy Jackson, The perks of being a wallflower, Fury, Noah, The three musketeers...
As a person Logan is just a really shy, cute gentleman with big heart and beautiful eyes. As an actor he can bring you tears and laugh and all other emotions. Logan likes to keep his private life very private so there isn't much information about him. But all know that he is a cute bean who deserves very much love.

Emma Watson
Harry Potter has many fans in this world (including me) so she is a very known actress. But she is also a feminist (not the bad one) who fights for equality where it is needed and often speak about important things, a great role model for girls and boys.

My list could go on and on but I don't want to bore anyone so I'll end here. Hope you like it!