I'm Lynn. LYNN BG.
Well, I'm a 16-year-old teenage girl whose priority is her tummy! lol
I'm that kind of tomboy who, apparently, likes girly stuff but never really liked them on her own body. so I kind of lean towards kickboxing and stuff... complicated ha?lol

I like to capture rare beautiful scenes with my lens.
<3you can check my collection "LoNg WaY/by me"

You see I'm the kind of girl that never gave a chance for a love life... maybe because i fear it...or the society that i was born in made it complicated... or even i haven't find the right one yet...lol
So i love to express my emotions by writing poems... they're like a diary/journal to me and i love it <3

here is a sneak peak:
I will be alright...
Just don't look into my eyes
Cause I'm a little bit shy
when I try to hide
the secrets the I fright
But I'll turn bright
When you become my knight

Lynn BG
so if you want to see some of my poems.
Heart my article and I'll surely be over the world and that'll make me more hyped to express what life hid from me and show you guys!