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Welcome fellow Disney fans!! I saw @lifeofasoldier created a Disney challenge article and just had to join in the fun. I did tweak a few questions, but, for the most part, these questions belong to her. Make sure to check out her article as well! (link below)

1: Your favorite character.
Peter Pan

disney, peter pan, and wendy image neverland, peter pan, and moon image

2: Your favorite princess.

disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image disney, beauty and the beast, and princess image

3: Your favorite heroine.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It mulan, disney, and princess image

4: Your favorite male character/prince.
Eugene Fitzherbert

disney princess, goals, and rapunzel image tangled, disney, and flynn rider image

5: Your favorite hero.

hercules, disney, and cute image Image by adri

6: Your favorite animal.

disney, Maximus, and rapunzel image

7: Your favorite sidekick.

mulan, funny, and disney image disney, mulan, and mushu image

8: Your favorite villain.

disney, gif, and scar image
hades and hercules image

9: Your favorite original character.
Minnie Mouse

disney, minnie, and quality image adorable, beautiful, and happiness image

10: Your favorite song.
Evermore - Beauty and the Beast Live Action by Dan Stevens

beauty and the beast and emma watson image Image by Private User

11: Your favorite love song.
Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast, belle, and dan stevens image beauty and the beast, old, and rhyme image
disney, beauty and the beast, and love image

12: Your favorite villain song.
Be Prepared

Image by ||•Tommo•|| scar, disney, and the lion king image

13: Your second favorite song.
Almost There - Princess and the Frog

tiana, almost there, and disney image disney, princess and the frog, and princess image

14: Your favorite kiss.
Rapunzel & Eugene

tangled, rapunzel, and disney image tangled, love, and disney image

15: The first movie you saw.

aladdin image aladdin, blue, and night image
aladdin, animation, and disney image

16: Your favorite classic.
Beauty and the Beast

disney, beauty and the beast, and beast image beauty and the beast, films, and princess image

17: Your least favorite classic.

amor, sinceridad, and amistad image

18: Your favorite Pixar film.

animation, cars, and disney image disney and pixar image

19: Your least favorite Pixar film.
Finding Nemo

nemo, disney, and finding nemo image disney, photography, and finding nemo image

20: Favorite sequel.
Mulan II

princess and mulan 2 image

21: An overrated movie.

frozen, elsa, and anna image frozen, olaf, and unicorn image

22: An underrated movie.
Lilo & Stitch

disney, lilo, and stitch image Image by zhanna

23: A movie that makes you laugh.

aladdin, movie, and disney image aladdin and funny image

24: A movie that makes you cry.

disney, pixar, and up image disney, dog, and quote image

Day 25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie.
The winter scene in Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast, disney, and belle image amazing, beast, and beauty image
As You Can Tell, I Really Like This Scene
belle, beauty and the beast, and disney image
disney, love, and beauty and the beast image

26: Saddest death.
Ellie in Up

amor, car, and cine image

27: Your favorite quote.
“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” - Mulan

different, disney, and mulan image

28: Your favorite theme park.
Magic Kingdom

disney image

29: Your favorite theme attraction.
Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Animal kingdom, childhood, and disney image disney world, orlando, and Roller Coaster image

30: Your favorite theme park show.

disney and gif image
disney and thank you image

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