1. You Think Money Will Make You Happy

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"If you're not happy when you are poor, you will not be happy when you are rich". Happiness is internal and your attitude toward life. Happiness occurs when your exceptions meet your reality.

2. You Think That Other People Should Make You Happy

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Most believe other people should bring happiness into their life = Totally FALSE.
Being in a positive relationship has it perk and exponentially grows the level of happiness that is already there. But you need to be happy in the first place. Make peace with yourself and be happy just the way you are People are attractive to happiness.

3. You Expect LifeTo Be Like You've Seen In Movie

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Not everybody got to be Ryan Gosling or Rachel McAdams in the movie "Notebook". Your life is not a scripted movie where everything just falls in line for you to be happy in the end. Instead of dreaming of what-if you should work with what you got and make the best out of your actual reality.

4. You Are Scared Of Trying New Things

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Happiness comes from growth and growth doesn't happen while you're sitting on your couch watching sports and eating fries. What are the things you like? what are the things you don't like? what makes you happy? Find the things that make you happy and DO THOSE THINGS.

5. You Are Not Decisive Enough When It Counts

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You need to man up and make a clear decision and move forward with those choices. Make a choice, be bold, and live with it. There are no "what-if" you've made your choice focus on what you doing now. Too many people wait too long for this and miss out great thing because they were just too afraid to act at the right time.