Love is painful.

It stings worse than alcohol on a bleeding wound,
worse than a paper cut,
and worse than being stabbed with a hot ass knife.

Nothing can hurt worse than love.

The gaping hole when you no longer have those familiar arms wrapped around you like they once always used to be,
when every time you look down at your phone, it's no longer blown up with notifications,
and when you notice how dull every thing is without him beside you.

What sucks the most is all the questions that flood your mind after it's all over.

"Why did it end?"
"Could it ever go back to how it was before?"
"Why do I miss him so much?"

You can question everything all you want- sit at home all day, pondering, but it won't change anything. And that's what sucks the most.

You sit home all day, either staring at the wall or crying into your pillow wondering all these questions as you ignore the six missed calls and twelve texts from your best friend to go out because- well, it's easy. Nothing is as fun as it used to be.

He left a gaping hole in you, the place he used to fill perfectly, and now it's left with tho echoes of his love. All the kisses, the jokes, the smiles, and the beautiful moments, they're just stuck there. And they won't go away. You can try to forget it, to forget him, but it's impossible when he's impacted you so much that you actually had thought for the first time in your life, "Wow, so this is love."

Yup, this is love. It's painful as hell, especially when you fell in love with him and you're no longer sure if he ever felt the same about you.