Hey guys. Who’s ready for fall? Okay … you may or may not be ready. But whether we like it or not, it’s almost here. Summer has flown by, and now it’s time to get ready for cooler temperatures and warmer outfits. Are you sun lovers cringing yet?


I love the fall season and could do without the blazing heat of summer. I not only appreciate the cooler weather, but I love how it calls out for deeper shades and hues like chocolate, gold etc. Here some ideas for you:

beauty beauty beauty beauty


I love the dark vampy lip, which is the make up trend when autumn arrives.But I also like the light looks. I’ll be using my dark lippies more often on this season than the others!
Here some ideas for you:

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Completed look

Here are some of my favorite makeup looks:

beauty beauty beauty article


It’s not that they were all blessed with the perfect shade of chestnut brown or naturally butterscotch blonde locks thats why you should dye your hair right now! No it`s a joke you don't have to, if you don't want. I love my natural hair. Well I love to tie my hair up or curl my hair. But here are some hair ideas:

braid beauty article beauty beauty blonde


And last but not least nails. Here are some Ideas for you:

beauty beauty nails Superthumb

So thats it! I hope you liked it and that it helped you.😊
Down Below are two Links one to my collections and the other my beauty collection. Only if you're interested.
Thanks for reading. ( Btw I needed so loooong to write this article 😵) See you guys next time. xoxo