The truth a funny thing, we all like to believe we are truthfully with our feelings and who we are. But can you honestly look in the mirror and say that in every situation, to every person you have spoken too you always being honest. I know I can't. I tried to but sometimes we believe that telling a lie may save someone feelings or get us out of situation we don't want to be in. However, the truth always seems to come even if we do everything to stop it.

I keep thinking you lied to save my feelings, that you didn't want me to hurt and that you were just saving me from thinking I'm not good enough. But, more lies you told me are being exposed and I'm starting to thinking it wasn't to protect and save me from pain. It was actually to save yourself, make you feel better and because you couldn't actually face the truth.

It's hurts even more when you learn that someone you believed would never lied to you did the exact opposite. That the person you thought would never hurt you does. That the person you would give everything to, just made you believed what they wanted to save themselves.

It does hurt. Sometimes it makes you feel like that you didn't know that person at all or that you don't have a good character judgement. That how could forgive this person that would happily lie to your face.

But it is ok to forgive them and give them a second chance. It ok to realise that it says more about them then it does. We just need to learn from it. Learn that someone can make a mistake. That you can't judge people on someone else mistake.