a bit about myself

hello! i thought i'd simply introduce myself a bit so y'all can know more about me. well, first things first! my name's mina, my pronouns are she/her, i was born in 2001, and i speak fluent english and italian. i started this we heart it account back in early 2014. or maybe late 2013, i really can't remember to be honest. i've been through hundreds of usernames and have made and deleted loads of collections. currently, i use we heart it to post about my idols, different themes/aesthetics, pictures i love, food (yes i really love food ok), help with editing, and much more!


i really love listening to alternative music and will probably make other articles talking about my current favorite bands, singers, and songs - so make sure to keep an eye out for those. i also enjoy cooking a lot and am really passionate about vegetarianism even if i'm looking to convert towards veganism. i'm always looking out for new recipes and things to try, so if you'd like me to post some of my favorite recipes, hmu! other things i enjoy are photography, journaling, writing, reading, and watching films lmao.

my other social media

i have an instagram and a tumblr, but won't link them here as i tend to change my usernames a lot. however, i do update them in my bio, so you can check them out there! if you wanna chat just shoot me a message and i'll reply asap.

safe space

just do you know, my account is a safe space and i do NOT tolerate any homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or rude people at all.

by the way, thank you all so much for the follows and i appreciate every single one of them. if you want me to follow back, just send me a message.

thanks for reading!