Oh, how I looove autumn music. I'd be a horrible person if I'd keep my autumn playlist only for myself. Enjoy!

1. Number one is definitely Oh Wonder - Shark, I'm totally in love with this song!

2. Calm, kind of scary and mysterious Amber Run - I found reminds me of a boy I met few weeks ago. I really like that song (also the boy).

3. twenty one pilots: Goner. I don't like the screaming part, but otherwise it's amazing song for fall.

4. No words can describe amazing Marina and the Diamond's song Happy.

5. Relax. Tea. Book. And Seafret - Oceans. Perfect autumn night.

6. This is different. This is Cigarettes after sex. Nothing's gonna hurt you. It's cure for autumn depression.

7. Again twenty on pilots. Fall away, it had to be made for autumn!

8. OMG! How much I love this song! Yeah, I know, cover is not from Lana, but I like it anyway. Heart shaped box (cover).

9. Daughter - Candles.

10. Last song for this month is from The Neighbourhood and it's called Baby came home. All time favorite.

I really hope you like my September music playlist. Also hope that you have a wonderfull day.