yeah once i had friends and i used to love them... they were important for me... i was crazy about them. we used to have alot of fun. In school, College and then University. But i was foolish. i never understood the reality of people. i was loyal so i considered everyone loyal and sincere with me as i was with them. I had no idea that a person can have many faces. But last two years of my university taught me this badly... destructive years they were. broke me. many times i gathered my broken pieces. tried to trust people again. but everytime i was deceived. Its not like im talking about relationship. Im purely talking about friendship... Now i dont believe in friendship... I dont believe in sincerity... I dont believe in anyone. When i start believing someone i just wait for being deceived again. No doubt Allah Pak gave me many stuff to get busy with..but sometimes i get failed to overcome my sadness and madness. .well today im feeling awfully sad. And i have no one to share my feeling with... I never had.