A movie that tells you little by little of the stories of the characters, with more than six main characters, which you should not take your eyes off for any reason. Each character has equal amouth of screentime and more than interesting secrets as well.

A couple brutally murdered by an unknown person, which at the beginning was a man and later on has changed gender and face. The most suspicious always seems to be the loner and introverted character, because the quiet ones are the dangerous of all. But this movie explain how rage develop in a human. With the littlest tiny problem. It's no wonder that it's so damn difficult to find the culprit. And when you find him/her out is not who you expected to be. At least that stands for me.

I had a hard time to be very honest. A little "What-the?" kind of ending like every japanese non based manga movie, but it was interesting.

I'll give it a 7.8/10