We impose occupational health and safety measures & fair work practises,
We implement grievance policies and educate against bullying, discrimination, and harrassment,
We make attempts to remove harm and eradicate hate,
We encourage conviction to promote empowerment, to hold accountability and to speak truth.........
Yet, we then turn our backs on those that come forward against these violations that take place, or we place enormous hurdles in front of them that seem insurmountable to overcome.
We leave victims of such crime with no avenue other than to often withdraw the claims due to long drawn out delays, again being run in circles or through lack of legal support, limited knowledge, and skill, or simply from having been placed into a position of poor health & further harm.
We place those who have been subjected to such crimes against humanity into further trauma by making them have to stand up against Corporate giants - with the only line of their defence being the story of what happened to them of which weighs heavily against them on a social, financial, qualified and specialist scaleability - yet any activist will tell you they cannot simply walk away from that which compels them to do, "the right thing".
Anything that sees a deterioration of a person over time, that causes real harm shows a lack of good governance and due diligence towards care.
We should have an inherent understanding that at its most basic level, Human Rights should give all people of all race, sex, religion, the minimum requirement to avoid becoming a case of "the worst types of abuse"; that the belief is that we develop and display a higher standard of compassion & support.
A support that should see improvement and advancement towards any and all who need it. However, support should never become interference that disrupts the natural state of being, that has someone meddle in the life of another of which impacts on their wellbeing and sees a state of serious decline. It is this type of behavior that stems from tyrannical rule. Situations like these are not then random attacks, but instead, careful construction of applied methodologies that are ingrained from long habits bred over time. That are planted when no accountability or action is taken from the top. Sadly they come from greed and corruption, whether it be seeing something in another that they need to obtain, or due to battling their own insecurities and ego-mania.
It is this voluntary action against a human right that breeds a barrier against trust, openness, confidence, growth, care and concern. Yet it can so easily be rectified through compassion and empathy, by pausing when in a reactionary phase and taking the time to think before we act in making the decision towards a healthy response.
By reminding the self that "prevention is better than cure" we become more receptive in the voluntary actions we take, steps that place a path of wise judgment and respect towards common decency and the value of a human and their rights.
A right to privacy
A right of choice
A right to self expression
A right of belief
A right to question
A right of belonging.