It was the year 1990 and it was also our prom night.

The gymnasium was dim, but you, however, somehow managed to brighten this whole place up.

I was sitting in the far corner, sipping my water, as I watched you dance under the disco ball dangling from the ceiling. A smile was casted on your face as you danced with some boy I remember seeing in our math class. I looked down at the rose on the table and closed my eyes with a frown.

"Hey, you ok?" You asked me.

I open my eyes quickly only to see your vibrant ones staring right at me. I cleared my throat and nodded my head.

"Yeah i'm- I'm fine."

"I saw you looking at me." You said and that brought my attention to your face that held a smirk on it.

"Oh.." I said and I played with rose on the table some more.

"Well, you're pretty handsome. Next time don't stare, just ask me to dance. I won't say no," You said with a laugh and you started to walk away.

"Wait!" I spoke up and you turned your head to face me. I sucked in a breath.

"Do you want to dance?"

You looked at me for a minute and then a smile slowly formed across your face. And just as you were about to open your mouth, a boy came strutting towards you.

It was Cameron.

Cameron, your boyfriend.

He draped his arm across your waist and pulled you close to him causing you to almost trip.

"Hey babe, sorry I'm late. I had something to take care of." He said and sloppily kissed your cheek making me cringe in disgust. I could see the obvious irritation and discomfort on your face as you slyly moved away from him.

"Yeah, it's whatever." You said while turning your gaze back to look at me.

A looked away and down to the rose that still laid on the table.

"It's now time to announce prom king and queen!" I heard our principal announce through the microphone and everyone turned their attention to him, including me.

"You all voted and now the final results are in! Now everyone, please keep calm when I announce that our prom king is no other than the captain of the football... Cameron Flence!" He bellowed and all the kids cheered as Cameron jogged to the stage, his fellow team mates hooting and patting him on the back.

"And now i'll announce that our prom queen is Cameron's lovely girlfriend ... Wynter Joy!" He said loudly in the microphone and although everyone was still cheering loudly, you walked to the stage with a fake smile. I swam through the crowd to get to the front of the stage so I could see you closer, but the large congested crowd of kids wasn't making it easy for me. Once I did finally get to the front, I looked up and saw your gorgeous face looking down as Cameron held you and waved happily to the crowd.

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"That poor girl, doesn't even know what Cameron's doing behind her back."

My ears perked as I listened to the two girls' conversation beside me.

"Yeah, she's too dumb to see that he isn't faithful to her. Little does she know that I was with him right before this," The other girl snorted causing her friend to laugh loudly. A large smacking sound echoed through the room. It brought my attention back to the stage and I was shocked to see a red handprint was now on Cameron's face and tears were streaming down your mahogany cheeks.

You had listened to their conversation, just as I did.

The crowd went silent and you could see the red veins in Cameron's neck about to pop as he was silently fuming.

"We're done," you spat at him and turned to face the two girls who were talking next to me. "You can have this, it means nothing to me." You hissed before threw the crown at her face, making the girl gasp in shock.

You stormed off the stage leaving the crowd to go wild in a frenzy of new gossip and laughter. I quickly came to my senses and raced after your retreating frame. I pushed through the exit doors you walked out of and saw you hovering over the water fountain that was in front of the school despondently. I slowly walked towards you only for you turn directly towards me and I got glimpse of your mascara that streamed down your face under the moonlight.

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"He was cheating on me this whole time, and I was too blind to see it." You whispered. I stopped and looked at you as your bottom lip quivered. You sat down on the water fountains ledge and put you head in your hands. I didn't know what to do at this point. Part of me wanted to run towards you, hold you tight, and tell you that everything was going to be fine.

But I knew If I did that I would be telling you a lie.

So Instead, I stepped in front of you and opened my suit jacket to reveal the rose I've been playing with all night and I took it out just as you looked up at me and held it towards you.

"Yesterday I drove to the flower shop that's on the corner of West Street. I had to make sure to buy gas because It's all the way across town. I went inside the place and looked across every shelf, searching for the right flower. I was about to give up, until out of the corner of my eye I saw it; A yellow rose. I picked it up before anyone else could and bought it."

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I twirled the yellow rose between my fingertips.

"I bought this rose because I remembered you saying it was your favorite that day you gave your speech in English class." I whispered and you opened your mouth a little.

"You did all that.. you bought this flower.. for me?" You stuttered with your voice raspy from crying and I nodded. You slowly, almost as If scared, took the flower from my hands and draped it in your yours. You brought it to your nose and proceeded to smell it.

"I love it," You said with a smile on your face.

It then got silent, but it wasn't awkward; the silence felt just right.

I looked down in the water fountain, seeing the penny I threw in it earlier tonight, and sucked in a deep breath.

"So, we never had that dance.." I trailed and you perked up and looked at me. Your eyes sparkled with happiness and your lips formed a grin as you held my yellow rose close to your chest.

"I would love to dance with you."

My heart thumped against my chest as you stood up, your blue dress blowing in the wind, as you reached for my hand. I quickly took your hand and rested my arms across your waist and you put your arms around my neck. We began to waltz with no music and you closed your eyes and rested your head on my shoulder.

That night we danced until the sky turned the same color as your rose. I felt like I was in heaven and that I had finally been blessed with my own angel. You were beautiful, you were the girl of my dreams, and I finally had you in arms.

I looked at my penny in the fountain next to us and smiled.

I guess wishes do come true.