I got tired. I'm tired of looking at my computer screen and think, "I want to be a girl Tumblr." With her thin legs and messy hair. I got tired of trying to fit into this weird new pattern of pretending that situations are natural just to
take a picture.

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I don't know how to grimace, hide the face for photos, force smiles, spontaneity, reflection. I do not understand how these assembled moments can be so applauded and imitated, how can they be so envious and be enough to make girls who were already born beautiful, pretend they are. When you fake something you already are, man, it does not make sense.

We want to be Tumblr girls instead of just being. We forgot that those girls were just plain girls, who wanted to express something of natural fact, and not create a photographic chain of beauty built, forged. There's tutorial on the internet teaching you how to be Tumblr, as if this could be standardized and taught.

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Sorry, but I don't want to be a swollen mouth robot. To be Tumblr was to be different, unique. Nowadays, it's just plastic. before was to be able to express your tastes in a social network where you were not judged by it. Because who was Tumblr, never researched how to be, because they knew it was just being themselves. was dressing what I wanted, what it really like that it was strange for some, was to put it that you think cool, comfortable, I do not know, that had his favorite color. It was wearing a piercing where you like it because you feel more beautiful like that. It was coloring your hair the way you identify yourself, just for that. Why not give to learn to be Tumblr, because to be Tumblr is to be you.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.