I'm writing a new article and this one is going to be about my summer vacation. I graduated from high school in May and I'm starting university in couple of days. Basically I had 4 months of freedom. So as I had the money and the time I decided to go on a vacation in southern France with my cousin. I'm going to put photos from all the places and write my own opinion about them. I am from Macedonia so we had to take a plane to Treviso (near Venice, Italy) and then bus from Mestre to Nice. We stayed in Nice for 9 days, 8 nights. On our way home we took a plane from Basel. It was a bit complicated but it worked.

Day 1. Skopje - Treviso (by plane)

We took a bus to Venice from Treviso 'cause we had about 6 hours free time so we decided to visit Venice. It was my third time there but still I love the place and it was good to be back again. We took a bus from Mestre (near Venice) to Nice, France.

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Day 2. Villefranche-sur-Mer

We arrived in Nice at about 10 o'clock in the morning. We unpacked our bags and we decided to go to the beach, and we chose the one in Villefranche-sur-Mer which is 2 train stops away from Nice.

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Day 3. Menton

When I first saw this place on google I immediately fell in love with it and I knew I had to visit it. All those colorful buildings, big palm trees, the beautiful little streets and the sea will take your breath away. I strongly recommend visiting this place because you won't regret at all.

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Day 4. Eze & Monaco

We got Eze on our list because it's located between Nice and Monaco and we planned on going to Monaco that day so we went to Eze as well.
Eze village is a small beautiful place which is basically a medieval village. We found an exotic garden there which was pretty amazing but we didn't stay there for a long time because our next stop was Monaco. It was that place that you've heard a lot about and it really is a mesmerizing, luxurious place with all those yachts and enormous buildings, but to be honest for me it was all too much. We visited the prince's palace and we had lunch in a restaurant near there.

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Day 5. Nice

On this day we actually wanted to take a break from all those places and spend a day in Nice because we planned our trip there and it wouldn't be okay if we were just going other places and not visiting anything here. We wanted to visit a couple of museums there but we weren't lucky enough 'cause it was Tuesday and those weren't working on Tuesdays at all (but we didn't know that). But luckily we found a beautiful monastery garden near the museum so we spent some time there and took some pictures (the place is called Monastère de Cimiez garden).

I couldn't find a picture from the place so I'm going to post a picture from the museum we intended to visit.

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Day 6. Cannes & Antibes | Night out in Monte Carlo

As for Menton if you have the chance to visit Cannes, do it! That place left me speechless. It is luxurious yet so beautiful. From the red carpet, the one and only Le Croisette, the promenade, the beach and the sea, all the restaurants and coffee bars... The list is endless. We stayed there until lunch time and then we went to see Antibes. We took a walk in the old town, had lunch, bought some souvenirs and that was pretty much it.

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We visited Monaco during the day but we wanted to see it at night as well. We got ready and we took the last train from Nice which was at about 23:15. Our wish was to get inside the Monte Carlo casino but first we sat for a drink at Coffee of Paris (I think it goes along with Casino Cafe de Paris but I'm not that sure). The first casino we entered was actually the Monte Carlo casino and then we went to the Casino Cafe de Paris. We took the first train to Nice at about 5:15 am.

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Day 7. Nice

Free day in Nice. We were so tired from the previous days so we decided to stay home. Did some grocery shopping and visited St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral.At the end of the article I'm going to post the places worth visiting in Nice.

Day 8. Beaulieu-sur-Mer | Night out in Cannes

Beach day again, this time we decided to go to Beaulieu-sur-Mer or translated beautiful place at sea.
As for the night in Cannes ,we wanted to see the nightlife there and trust me I loved it. There was some festival going out there near the red carpet stairs, but we got there when it was about to end. Our first ideal place for the night out was Gotha club where that night was performing Busta Rhymes but we didn't feel like going there at the end. So we found another club which I really liked even though the people there were older then me (actually I think I was the youngest there even though I'm 19). The club (it's called Chrystie) was so beautiful, the staff working there was so nice to us and they actually make the best cocktails.

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Day 9. Nice

We only had 3 days left so we wanted to explore Nice again. Our first stop was the Fine Arts Museum (or Musée des Beaux-Arts in french). Personally, I think that we didn't make a mistake going to a museum as we didn't have luck for the first time we went because this one took us maybe 1.5 hour to see the whole museum. Then we took a walk at the old town,we went to see the Castle Hill with its waterfall and the Massena square with Fontaine du Soleil.

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Day 10. Nice - Lyon ; Lyon - Colmar

Beach in the morning in Nice, then packing our things and leaving Nice. We had a bus from Nice to Lyon, then from Lyon to Colmar. So basically we spent out whole day traveling.

Day 11. Colmar | Basel | Skopje

It was 7am when we arrived in Colmar, a small town near the boarder with Germany. The last place we had on our list ,but definitely not the least. It was worth traveling that long just to get there. And here's why:

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At around 3 pm we headed to Basel and our flight Basel-Skopje was at 9:10 pm. We arrived in Skopje at 11:30 pm.

Places to visit in Nice :

  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Castle Hill
  • Massena Square
  • Old town
  • Promenade des Anglais

Towns I really enjoyed visiting :

  • Cannes
  • Menton
  • Colmar

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