Hi this only came up on my mind right now, am feeling sad and got tears rolling on my face, thinking about all my dreams and everything that I want for life, never giving up. No never!
The name I decided for this is - The Road.

I cant stop tears from coming
Sometimes life is not easy
And you find yourself alone
Holding on to your dreams
They say - hey these kinds of things
just happen to the lucky ones

Then my faith goes down
And I can see me falling
Thinking It's better this way.

I think somehow, someday
I can make it on my way
Anyway, But I know it's hard
And a long road to take, to face.
Each step that I take
Gets me aches and I hate
The way I take my fate
Because It's only
a game to play and

It's a cruel world,
Hear cruel words
Sometimes it got me,
sometimes it crumbles me
It's all so heavy, so bad
This road its made of blood
and the roses we leave in
the way are just to fake
Lemme pretend it's ok
I can make it on my way
Anyway, I know it's a long
road to face.

Kel Cruz

Thank you