Hi everyone!
This is my first Article on WHI and, first of all, I truly would like to thank WHI for being an amazing source of inspiration and for this big new opportunity to get inspired and inspire others. This is really the best social network ever!
So, I'm going to tell you guys my personal opinion on this great novelty that is Articles! To be precise, I'm going to list the 3 most important reasons why they are fantastic to me, but of course these are not the only reasons!

Okay, so let's start!

First of all, reason number 1 (maybe the most obvious one):
Articles are a perfect way to express yourself and describe all your world: your opinions, your favourite things and activities, your musical tastes, your interests, your daily routine and much more! It is actually quite impossible to list all the things you could write about, because you can really write about everything, everything that matters to you and shows the way you are.


Reason number 2:
Among the countless things you could deal with in Article, there are tips. Yes, tips. If you are really good at, for example, cooking or gardening or studying (or anything else), then you could teach other Hearters. How? By writing your strategies and hints in an Article, of course! You'll help people and also have fun!


Reason number 3:
If you're not a native English speaker (this is my case), writing Articles is absolutely perfect to make practice and improve your skills. Particularly if you are a student or attend university or have to use foreign languages at work, you can train yourself in an informal and easy manner, by writing about the themes you prefer. So without stress and anxiety or fear of making grammar mistakes. Besides, Articles are a huge opportunity to learn new words and typical expressions, which are incredibly useful when you travel abroad.


Okay, that was all for now!
Hope you guys enjoyed my first Article!

Have you all a SUPER nice weekend!

P.S.: I leave you down here some Collections of mine in which you can find other inspiring Articles and motivating quotes!