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Theres nothing more stressful than your fav coming to your city or a city near you because you just want to see them and hug them and just HOLD them! But sometimes that could be hard. The bigger ur fav is the harder it is to meet them. For example if Justin Bieber came to Mn it would be a LOT harder to meet him than it would to meet PrettyMuch cuz Justin is literally known by the entire world. But I have a few tips on how to meet them your fav!

Meet And Greets

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Obviously if you wanna meet your fav and they are having a meet up or meet and greet then you should get tickets and go meet them. But sometimes it could be too expensive or even sold out so that doesn't always work out so great but hold up I GOTCHU!!!!

Catch Them On The Streets

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First off, You want to know your city so if they post a snap or picture you could recognize the place and know where they are. Twitter plays a big part in this because people tweet picture and videos of them and I'm telling you, people know where they are literally EVERY second so if you don't have twitter, you better hop on that now cuz people know!

Radio contests

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God bless radio stations! I swear they are a big help. Okay let me tell you something go on twitter or Instagram right now and turn on your local radio stations notifications because, They tell you who's coming to your city and they sometimes help you meet them or see them by putting up these contents. Its kind of hard to win especially if its for someone who's very popular and big. Yesterday I got to meet one of my favorite bands and see their performance because I won a contest that my local radio station was doing and I'm so blessed because it was a beautiful experience and I couldn't be more happy.

Know What They Are Traveling On

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I know it sounds weird but know what they are traveling on. If its a plane then figure out what airport they will land in so you can meet them there. If they Are traveling on a tour bus then know how that tour bus looks just incase you see it parked somewhere or something and you can try and meet them there. Also if they are performing somewhere know where that venue or building usually parks the tour buses if that makes sense...?!?!

Always Be Respectful

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Being respectful is the KEY to everything tbh! if your standing outside of someones hotel and screaming that is so disrespectful to your fav and everyone else in that hotel. Just keep your calm and also don't forge this A conversation id 100x better than a quick photo! its not always about the photos.

So thats all the tips I have for now. have fun meeting you fav!!! you'll meet knew friends and try new thing and it will be fun but also nerve racking and stressful! stay positive and have hope.
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