Being a teen girl it’s not easy. We are constantly judge by our actions and it hurts. Hurts so damn bad that you fell like somebody has their hands on your neck and they are suffocating you.
Our parentes,at least some of them,treat us differently because we are girls. Because we are daughters,not sons.
It’s all on the little things.
We listen to things that hurt us more than guns and knives. Words that sometimes came ot of our parents mouth. Especialy,our dad. People say i’ts cute when a dad is with jealousy of his baby girl,but the question is when this cute jealousy will stop? This jealousy it’ss not cute. Is manipulation,its rude,it’s hurtfull. Sometimes,the end it’s somebody dead body on a floor. We know this cute jealousy and this ‘you have to be at home by 10 pm,miss” it’s happening because we are girls. If we were boys,none of this would happen.
And I get it,they are just trying to protect us from this crap world,but hey,this is our home. No matter how horrible it’s,we have to live. They can’t stop us from living just because we are daughter and not sons.
Stop teaching you daughters that if they get out at house at night they will soffer,because they are girls and start teaching your sons to respect then.

I’m sick of all this protection. He tries to hold me colse to him but as he does that,more I think about running away.
I want freedom.

I'm sorry for mistakes,english it's not my first lenguange.