these are the songs that I'm listening in september 2017. they are really very good, hope you like it!

dusk till dawn - zayn feat. sia

louis, dusk till dawn, and niall image dusk+till+dawn image aesthetic, iphone, and pink image celebrities, eyes, and goals image

too much to ask - niall horan

niall horan, one direction, and photoshoot image niall horan, too much to ask, and niall image

homemade dynamite - lorde

easel, lyric, and Lyrics image green light, sober, and melodrama image

caress your soul - sticky fingers

sticky fingers and dylan frost image alternative, sticky fingers, and stifi image

hearts that strain - jake bugg

dawn, how, and gif image boy, guitar, and music image

in common - alicia keys

alicia keys, beautiful, and beauty image alicia keys and in common image

will I see you - anitta

anitta and will i see you image anitta and will i see you image

love u <3

- lara