Hey guys! This article is about high school and how to survive it.
So I'm a freshman and I don't have much experience but I'm telling you guys what I already learnt about it.

  • Don't give a fuck about others ---this one is really important because people can be really judgmental and bitchy, but you can't listen to that because they have problems and they try hiding them by talking shit about others.
  • Study hard--- I know studying isn't the best thing ever, but now that you're in high school you have to step up your game and have good grades.
  • Be social--- try hanging more with your friends and try meeting new people because these few years will be the best years of your life.
  • Love yourself--- this is so important, I know it is not easy to love everything about yourself but give it a try. You'll feel amazing, have more confidence and people will look at you differently. You shouldn't have to wait until you're older to actually like yourself because you'll spend the rest of your life with you so if you embrace yourself now, life will be easier.

And that's it guys! I hope you liked it and I'm sorry about my english, but it´s my 3rd language. Feel free to send me a postcard! <3