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  • 16. What are your five greatest accomplishments?

I have read some other people's answers to this question and they have truly accomplished great things! I, on the other hand, am afraid I may fall a bit short. However, I am only 17 and I know that there are many great accomplishments for me in my future. For now, here is a list of 5 things that I consider accomplishments.

1) Ponite:
After choosing dance on and off for years, I finally took it back up at age 14. I was committed and trained hard. After just a few short months of being back, my ballet teacher told me I was ready for pointe. I was ecstatic! It had been a dream of mine since I was little to dance on pointe. However, injuries got in the way shortly after starting and I had to quite or walk with severe shin pain for as long as I stayed on pointe.

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2) Overall Grand Champion In All-Star Cheerleading
I tried my luck with All-Star cheerleading! I loved the competition. I was a flyer and absolutely thrived on the bond between a girl and her stunt group. Sadly, the pains that found me while dancing en pointe found me once again. After our team won Grand Champ at our last competition, I knew I didn't want to continue living with the pain. Therefore, I ended it on a high note.

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3) Intermediate In Aerial Silks & Lyra
In October of 2014, I found aerial silks and, a little later, lyra. I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to work at and advance and learn as much as I could. I consider it a great accomplishment of mine for reaching intermediate in both silks and lyra. I continue to go to silks 3 times a week and lyra once, and all with shin pain. I have even decided to perform on silks is March!

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4) Drivers License
I got my drivers license yesterday! I consider this a GREAT accomplishment of mine, simply because, it is a step toward my independence and future accomplishments that
I want to achieve, such as going to college in Atlanta, becoming a wife and, eventually, a mother.

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5) Senior Year
For those of you who have made it to senior year this year with me, I think we all know the insane accomplishment that reaching senior year is. We made it through Elementary and Middle school and now we are on the last leg of the dreaded high school. High school for me wasn't too terrible. However, senior year really appears to be testing me on how well I deal with bunches of immature Freshmen yelling and smoking Smarties. Let me tell you, the only thing that is getting me through this year is the thought that it is almost over. Until college, that is.

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Thanks for reading my article! Even though it kind of turned into a background story.

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