Yesterday I received a call from the owner of the nursery school where I want to work in, asking me to go there with my CV. So, this morning I went there and he told me I have to be tested before starting.
"You have a certificate, so I don’t doubt your knowledge" he said "But, since you have no experience, I want to see how you deal with children, if you’re able to make them memorize vocabulary etc.".
Well, this is a problem. A big one. I have a lot of ideas running through my mind but all of them seem inadequate or too difficult. I tried to take a cue from Internet and I found a very interesting site, but I’ll think about it when the owner tells me what the topic of the lesson has to be, so that I can organize a real one.
I feel as if I had a temperature today and my best friend has her period (what a perfect couple!), so we either go to the park or stay at my house. In both cases, we’re going to update each other and, obviously, gossip!