In 21st Century people often compare love with every physical attractiveness.With every butterfly in stomach and sympathy.They love people when they are happy,but what happens when they are sad.No one,nowhere.No one to help them,to be their shoulder to cry on and to let them cry.Boys don't cry?Right?They are humans like girls and if you love him for real you will let him cry and show his emotions.Because he is a human being too.The way you put your head on his shoulder.You tell him your emotions and fears,you should let him do the same.When you are ready to start with him from zero and you don't care that he is not rich,he doesn't drive expensive car and doesn't have a big house.Be sure that he is love of your life.He needs to be honest,simple and natural.You must love him because of who is he.You support him always.When he is sick and disappointed.You are beside him.It doesn't have to be physical,but mental.You always think about him and send him good thoughts for faster rehabilitation.Every day.You relieve him his pain with your positive thoughts.Problem is not always in guys.Sometimes is in you.Pay attention on it girls.That is really matter.