Brief premise: this is a collection of letters I wrote whenever I would feel the need to vent, but never sent, to the boy who used to be my sunshine. I just wanted to share my feelings with you, because I had been feeling so misunderstood and I want whoever is in the same situation as I was to know that it's okay to like someone a bit too much and if they don't like you back that doesn't mean you're not worthy; it just means you like someone who can't appreciate you, so move on! Don't waste your precious time on somebody who can't be aware of how amazing you are. You need to be appreciated for who you are, always be yourself, don't ever think you need to change for them. Sorry if I talked too much, but I want to spread some positivity! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. 💙
Oh and sorry for any mistakes (English isn't my first language) and not all letters are going to be so long.

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11/04/2017 10:05 PM
Hello Sunshine,
how are you? I was just thinking about you and me.. Sometimes you seem to be so far away from me, even though I see you everyday at school. You know, as time flies by I feel you further and further from me, kinda impossible to reach. Sometimes I wonder if you even know about my existence, if you might have ever found out it was me the one who wrote you that love card for St. Valentine's.
You should see me when I'm alone, in my room, talking to my posters pretending it's you. Oh, then you should see me when I suddenly stop talking and get angry because I find out what I say doesn't make any sense. I want to talk to you so bad, I also have the best excuse I could ever ask for, I'm promoting the colour festival, but I just can't. It might sound a bit exaggerated, but when I see you my heart skips a beat, my cheeks turn red and my brain suddenly stops working.
This whole thing, that I don't feel like calling “love”, is fucking tearing me apart. Part of me wants to forget you, but the more I want to forget you, the less I can get you out of my mind. Everyday I tell myself “you better not think of him”, but as soon as I stop thinking about you, you appear and I get so anxious and messed up and suddenly all the things I like about you come to my mind and forgetting you becomes impossible. I always try to be confident and sociable, but that person isn't me, I'm shy and insecure, I don't like being noticed by anyone but you. What fucks me up most is that sometimes you do seem to notice me, without me doing anything to get your attention. But the thought that you could get to know a beautiful girl never leaves my mind. And what kills me inside is that I can't do anything to avoid it.
Be happy,
Bea xx

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