Let's see where your horoscope takes you on your first date!

Now let's get ready and head to your date 💄💋

A R I E S - Coffee Date ☕️

Image removed beauty, cosmetic, and eye make up image green, makeup, and aesthetic image accessories, black nails, and hoodie image chanel, clutch, and coco image starbucks, coffee, and drink image

T A U R U S - Your favorite band's show 🎸🎶

fashion, outfit, and style image beauty, eyes, and lips image dior, makeup, and eyelashes image
vans, shoes, and rose image concert, music, and grunge image backpack, bag, and fashion image

G E M I N I - take the puppy for a walk 🐶🍓

outfit, fashion, and girl image dogs, walk, and fitness image adidas, shoes, and stan smith image girl, makeup, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It headband, pretty, and red image

C A N C E R - Movie date 📽🍿

fashion, girl, and style image diamond, girl, and girly image fashion, choker, and style image fluffy, alternative, and tumblr image corn, photography, and salty image chic, house, and room image

L E O - Disney Land 🐭🎀

beautiful, disney, and girly image disney, ears, and eyebrows image makeup and girl image converse, shoes, and blue image fashion, jewels, and nails image couple, disney, and cover image

V I R G O - Picnic in the park 🌸🍎

blue, fashion, and two piece image makeup, rose, and pink image girly, looks, and diamonds image Image by Irena15 chic, girly, and paris image flowers, rose, and pink image
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