Welcome guys to my first article!

In this article I want to write about something, which contains You and Me.
Threw Languages we communicate with eachother.
But Languages aren´t just words, which are coming out of your mouth and are suddenly making sense.
Languages are much more than that.

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They are feelings.
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They are expressions.

But most important!

Languages are the way to take a look in the inside of a Human.
Threw Languages you can tell somebody what is going on in your heart and head.
You are able to tell the world how you are feeling! You can share your thoughts and ideas with people! But sometimes words aren´t necessary to tell somebody what is going on with you.

So we can´t restrict Language to words. Our Language is as well physical expressions as psychological expressions.

If we meet people, who doesn´t master our language, we tend to speak with our hands, for example showing on things.
With gestures we can help other people to understand us, like Babies.
Our human nature finds anyway to get us to understand each other, whether with words or without, we will always find a way.
And that´s what makes us unique- You are unique, because You master a language other people perhaps doesn´t know that it exists.
We are unique and adorable, because We found a way to understand each other.
This also applies to deaf people, which is the reason I am writing this.
I made an intership in a primary school for deaf children. I was visiting the first grade and saw one boy , who was a refugee. The teacher told me more about him. He came from Syria and was deaf since he was born. His parents neither know our language nor knows sign language. The teacher told me, that it is hard for him, because he wants attention and he wants to tell his stories to his family, but no one is able to understand him.
As she told this to me I were about to cry.
In this 2 weeks we became friends and he always wanted to show me what he reached, he wanted to solve puzzles with me, he held my hand and showed me anything, like the pictures he drew.
He was so happy and excited.
On the last day of my intership he was hugging me. My heart melted and I didn´t want to leave.
My conclusion of this experience is:
We humans make impossible things possible.
We are able to teach other people our languages and our thousand of different cultures.

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We can let people know, that we love them with only our hands
Language doesn´t know racism or prejudices. Language only knows the word „united“

Thanks for you attention

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Ich liebe euch ( " I love you" in my native language)