by no means am i some sort of connoisseur of all things known as indie/alternative music, but i sure do love the genre. it's honestly all i'm listening to and i'm constantly trying to find new music. (actually, that's a lie because listen to the same songs over and over again HA. HA. HA.) i always want to try and convince people to at least attempt to listen to some indie, so here i am doing it on the internet. also, this isn't going to be the most accurate thing on the planet, so i suggest doing further googling if you're really interested in indie.

let's began shall we?

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using the uber reliable source known as wikipedia, indie music is short for independent music. this was originated because the original calibers for indie music weren't always a part of the big huge record labels but instead more created, for lack of a better word, independently. from my understanding of it (please correct me if i'm wrong) usually they were produced by themselves and they usually create more of their own sounds as supposed to more pop music you'd probably hear on the radio.

another tell-tale sign of indie music is their different kinds of sounds. if you go and find a playlist on spotify or even just scroll through the indie tag on soundcloud you can definitely hear the differences between indie artists. some sound more electropop sounding while others would rely more on guitar riffs and strong vocals. even in different artists' albums, you can tell how their style changes from song to sound.

of course, this is mainly what i think of indie as, and often different people and countries have different interpretations of what the genre "indie" is.


this is a question i often ask myself and personally i don't think there's an exact answer to this. what i've gotten from the wikipedia article on it is that indie is more related to british artists while alternative is more towards american artists. ultimately, indie and alternative are often used interchangeably.

indie was originally coined by the british isles. according to an article by, indie was meant to describe "a sexless form of music with jangly guitars and the vague taint of nostalgia. Indie no longer referred to the factual realities of record distribution."

(sorry to all the grammar/english language art nerds out there, but i'm not using mla format for this article because i'm waaaaaay too lazy to correctly source these probably non-credible websites.)

because of the fact that the meaning of "indie" had changed mainly in britain, this caused a new word to be used to describe the kind of music. thus the creation of alternative was born. (oohs and aahs are heard in the background.)

still, the meaning of indie and alternative changes whether you're from america or britain. for those in america, the word "indie" still accurately describes the underground-ness of the indie community because of the song selection on the radio over here. nonetheless, "indie often means twee, meek, Anglophilic; and it always means retrophonic. To be indie is to do so without distortion, without aggression." (this was also taken from before any copyright people come after me.)

soO, there is my crappy interpretation of indie and alternative music.

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well, my friend, there's a ton of different kinds of indie subgenres that i am too lazy to list off, so here's the main ones:

  • indie pop
  • indie rock
  • dark indie
  • indie electronic
  • emo

okay. so i'm personally an indie pop and dark indie lover. i do listen to some indie rock occasionally, but i don't know a tON of artists or anything about it, really. i also just googled "indie music subgenres" just so i can add to the list. basically, the other knowledge i have on those genres are from google so if you really want to understand everything else about indie, look somewhere else. this is literally just a starter pack.

°˖✧ indie pop ✧˖°
indie pop is more of the underground version of whatever's on the radio and it makes it 10000% cooler. i find that it has the elements of pop songs you'd recognize but it often has a deeper meaning/song elements you've never heard before. it's probably due to the genre's staple experimentation and the fact that it's a relatively unknown genre.

°˖✧ indie rock ✧˖°
this is the most known indie genre and the one most people would think about if they heard the term "indie." this genre includes bands such as Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, and The Neighbourhood, just to give some context. according to the wikipedia page on indie rock, it describes bands that did not strive to have commercial success, even though they might be partnered with big record deals for distribution. also, indie rock is known to have a relatively high amount of female artists in comparison to other rock genres. (woo! go feminism!)

°˖✧ dark indie ✧˖°
okay, so as i googled what exactly dark indie is, nothing came up besides the "deep dark indie" spotify playlist. like google??? i'm trying to make a semi-informative article here??? can't you at least help me out??? well, since i can't really get a somewhat not opinionated and more accurate description, you're gonna have to settle with mine.

what i think dark indie is, it's more of a calming and relaxing indie genre. the lyrics definitely have a really deep meaning that i often can't decipher mainly because i'm lazy and doing homework while i'm listening to the songs. nonetheless, if you're into calming songs with soothing melodies and voices, dark indie is great for you. it's honestly hard for me to describe, so just go and listen to that spotify playlist if you're really curious.

°˖✧ indie electronic ✧˖°
according to wikipedia, indie electronic is "rock-based artists who share an affinity for electronic music, using samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, and computer programs." idk how to describe this further without potentially offending the people who actually listen to indie electronic, so i'm gonna leave it at that. go ahead and listen to some indie electronic if you wanna know lol.

°˖✧ emo ✧˖°
ah, emo. the genre everyone in middle school thinks defines indie music and what makes it "cool." it is more widely known, though, considering the "indie" music people think of usually fall in this category. this subgenre is full of artists like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Panic! at the Disco. i think you all probably know a little about those artists, so i don't think i need to explain further (and the wiki article literally ends on that, too).


there are so many indie artists out there that i can't name all of them at all. i don't know what all of their exact genres are, but from google searches and my personal opinions, i'm grouping them into the same genres as before (minus indie electronic because i'm not sure of any artists heh).

  • billie eilish
  • The xx
  • lana del rey
  • florence + the machine
  • marina and the diamonds
  • lorde
  • bastille
  • ella vos
  • charli xcx
  • maggie rogers
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  • the 1975
  • the neighbourhood
  • arctic monkeys
  • the killers
  • nirvana
  • oasis
  • coldplay
  • bon iver
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  • aurora
  • fleurie
  • wet
  • daughter
  • ruelle
  • broods
  • meg myers
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  • Panic! at the Disco
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Paramore
  • My Chemical Romance
  • The All-American Rejects
  • Green Day
  • blink-182
  • All Time Low
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go listen to some indie music, genius! i promise you, you won't regret it.

also, some other indie artists that i like in the list above are purityring, oh wonder, glades, and COIN. i was too lazy to group them into one specific category but i still wanted to mention them since love them so much!!

okay, for real now, go listen to some indie!!

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also, sorry for the lack of continuity between the images. i'm doing this while i'm procrastinating my homework (again).