Hi everyone :)
My first article will talk about my first day of school. This year I am in 11th grade, so it's not really my first day of school but my -third first day of highschool- (?)
I have to say that in class I am that girl that loves anime and kpop, so usually people don't talk to me.
Anyway; it all started a day before. In a group chat on whatsapp, my 4 "friends" were talking about were to seat, close to each other. Then, when I was reading the texts, they didn't worry about me, they didn't even say "where is Milena sitting then?"
I was sad and at first i wanted to say something like "and why do i have to be the one sitting alone?" or just "what about me?". I didn't even answer the texts, i just closed whatsapp and I played some videogames to cheer up.
The next day, I came to school really early and I met some classmates, then a bit later one of my "friends" that I'm gonna name V came to us and she just said "hi". I was really shocked, like "aren't you going to tell me something about yesterday?" but i only said a simple "hi".
Then another one named D came and didn't even greet me. She just talked away to other friends of her and so did A, another one of my "friends". Then C came and she at least she noticed me, but she is V's follower so she stayed with her all the time we were waiting outside. Then when A and D came back to V and C, they didn't even look at me in the eyes. I bet they feel ashamed because they didn't include me in their "friends circle". They have to be the cool people, but their idea of being cool it's being a bully to me.
When we get into the classrom, my "friends" took the seats in the back of the classroom while i just seated at a random desk and a new girl sat down next to me. She spent all day talking with the people behind her, that were her classmates (they failed the year) she didn't even entroduced herself to me and didn't even asked me if she could sat next to me. Exscuse me?

Then I just listened to music. To cheer my soul I listened to BTS, my ultimate kpop group. After that day of school I tried to talk with V and C because we are friends since 9th grade, but they seemed so distant and annoyed by me. V is the type of girl that get influenced by bad people and then wants to be liked by them saying nice things to them. She's a bit hypocritical. While C, I don't know for what reason, she follows everything that V does, even abbandon a friend if she has to choose between anybody and V.
D is that one friend that can make fun of you, at every hour of the day, but mostly in class, saying horrible things about your weaknesses. A always talks smack about every person that has a different way to think or other interests. Right now I am asking myself how I could be friend of such horrible people. I am scared of being considered "bully" by someone. Well not now because they started bullying me. I know V and A talk behind my back and always did, because I am not like them and I don't want to be like that. I like myself just like this, I feel like I am better than them because I have actual hobbies and alternative interests.

I hope on Monday I can change my seat and go next to a new boy that came this year, I prefer male friends because they make no drama and aren't as evil and cruel as girls are. He plus seems to be a nice friend.
In the end, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I want to believe that there's a good reason behind this and why my friends don't want me anymore.
I hope to solve everything in a positive way...