Hello people :)
I know how most of you goes to the school. Well I'm on 3rd year in highschool so I'm going to help you get your shit together.

You know when your teacher says you have homework and you are too lazy to write it down and then you say "I'll remember it"? Believe me, you won't. So take out your pencil and write it down so you can remember it and do it on time.

Studies are showing that water helps to concentrate. So, drink some water on the begining of every period so you can focus on the school.

3. READ!
Imagine, you have history today and you learn...idk... WW1 for example. So after school when you come home READ what have you learn today in school and next week or next day before history read it again. I know it looks really stupid but when the test comes you will know most of it. So when you come home read what you have learned that day.

If you have troubles concentrating on your studying play some classic music on your phone. So find something like, Mozart- Eine kleine Nachtmusik, and listen to it while studying. Believe me, it'll help.

I hate oral exams but a year ago I've found a perfect way to get a good grades on oral exams. When a teacher asks you some question talk to her about it.
For example:
Q: "How can you improve life standards in your city?"
A: "Well I can't. We all have to make it better. One person can not make a better future, but two can. Yesterday I walked by a supermarket and there was this homeless guy. I can feed him but not for long becouse I don't have much money but if few people get their forces together they can make a better future for that homeless guy."

That's all folks! Haha I really hope you like it. I'm sorry for my broken english it's my second language so I'm not as good as some people who lives in USA or UK but I try really hard to be good at it.

You want more articles from me? YOU GOT IT DUDE! Send me a message and what topic you want and I will write for you.

Anyway, thanks :)
Bye <3